Additional services
Additional services
Presentation of your data
We make the best possible presentation of your content.
SEO audit and optimization for Your content.
Plan and implement different ways to monetize your content
Mawr media eng
Media projects of any complexity

We design and implement all types of information and media projects.

From start to finish

We turn your ideas into reality

Additional Services

Our skill, your growth

From start to finish
Launch your idea

Think about and describe your idea. We'll do the rest - from design to implementation. All you need to do is create content.

reduce expenses
up to 0%
increase the traffic
up to 0x

Solutions for Your
information projects

When creating a information portal, the first thing we do is analyze the type and structure of your content.

Then we offer an easy-to-manage and navigate multi-platform cross-browser solution with an elaborate structure and user interface.
Adding information is done through a convenient portal management system with unlimited hierarchy of editors, authors and users.
During development we can plan the full content monetization strategy.
Service package can also include SEO services and integration into social networks.

Publish it online:

Media Galleries
Classified ads

Additional Services


Presentation of your content


SEO audit and optimisation


Monetisation Strategy

Social media crossposting

We will set up automatic crossposting for you. Supported social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google MyBusiness, Blogger, Telegram, Medium, Tumblr, Pinterest

Create content and posts at once

Define the publishing on social channels at the same time content is created or set up scheduled posting. Target your posts to a specific audience using the Channel Selector and the powerful Rule Engine.

High-impact advertising

We will find the best channel for your advertising and customize your advertising campaign to your requirements. We use not only popular advertising networks but also non-obvious channels. 

Advertising in our clients' projects

Our clients' projects often offer content for specific groups of people. The information provided to them is often unique, which builds loyal communities. By advertising in these projects you can connect with your audience in the most cost-effective way possible

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